ARCADE || + Physbones

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Unity 2022

ꕥ Go Kart with adjustable positioning (Fullbody, halfbody, and desktop compatible)
ꕥ Multiple outfit choices
ꕥ Hair Hueshift and multiple colors to choose from!
ꕥ Dissolve Toggles
ꕥ FBT ready
ꕥ Pixel Particle trails
ꕥ Skin shift!
ꕥ Gogo Locomotion For desky & halfbody users!
ꕥ Full cozy outfit
ꕥ Multiple Accessories
ꕥA few hair combos! Pigtails, buns, and short
ꕥ Custom spring joints - SleightlyBall System
ꕥ Avatar dynamics by Rafa (Nose boop, headpat, highfive)

Unity 2022
Poly: 272 K
In game size: 44 MB

Menu's include;

- Belt, Bodysuit, Hoodie, Jacket, Leggings, Shorts, socks.
PG 2. - Top, Shoes
- Mask, Leg remote, Buddi Backpack, Star ears, Visor, Wings.
- White/Black, Bang Options, Hair options, Hair hueshift, Skin radial.
- Go Kart, Go kart position, Stars,
- Nose boop, Headpat, Highfive, Kiss.
Gogo Locomotion (All) Menu
-Sitting/prone posing
- Clapping, dance, point, wave, cheer, die, backflip animations
- Height adjustment and animation speeds.
-Fullybody glide & walk included / ect.

Not Quest compatible-
No uploads
This package requires you to Import
> VRCSDK3 - newest version using Creator Companion
> Import Avatar 3.0 Manager (In creator companion)
> Poiyomi toon version 7.3.50_To_8.1.166 ( Not included in package.)
> Arktoon Shaders
> Avatar package

TOS ---

Do NOT redistribute my packages in any way. If you are gifting the model to a friend,

put in their discord tag/ VRC name when you purchase pls!

ꕥWhen uploading make all my models PRIVATE! Not public.

ꕥ Do NOT claim as your own.

ꕥ You can NOT take/reuse ANY parts/assets/textures/etc. from my avatars. If you are looking for a certain asset on a model just ASK or read the credit list.

ꕥ No refunds on purchased models

ꕥ When purchasing a model and using it to promote/twitch/Instagram/ect - ALWAYS CREDIT THE CREATOR.
- This is a personal license only

For those of you wondering about my TOS regarding moving platforms, and my avatars. I am now adding to my TOS! Please read carefully below.
I will allow the transfer/usage of my avatars in other games/platforms. Only under the circumstances that you follow my original and updated TOS to the fullest.
- Under no circumstances may you share the files, or give anyone else access to the model. Either by sharing files, or making the model publicly available.
-Proper credit is given. Either linking my store, or putting my discord tag. -> Teddygram_queen#6345

Springjoint system - JustSleightly
Body, Short hair and buns, thigh highs - ZinPia - Sugs#9795 
Pigtails - Nessy
Bangs - Velvet
Ears - NightVixen
Cat tail - 3davatars
Jacket & top (My textures, no reuse) -Tilly
Bodysuit, panties, belt - Vinuzhka
Wings - okhyacinth
Backpack - NoMoreFeelings (License: CC Attribution )
Visor - Hayweee#1999
Head ( My face texture, no reuse) - Starlynn
Shoes - Amboolents#7777
Gamer accessories - Peachanas
Leggings - QueenAnarya
Hoodie - Moon Jelly
shorts - Darcy
Hair textures - WetCat
Go kart - AwEsZ
(License: CC Attribution Creative Commons Attribution)
Star Particle trails - PolyLab
Pixel particles, rainbow trails - Chiimera
star springjoint - JeremyW (License: CC Attribution)
Avatar dynamics and toggles made by - Rafa
GogoLoco - franada

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ARCADE || + Physbones

27 ratings
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