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ꕥ FBT ready
ꕥ Avatar Contact on Head
ꕥDissolve Toggles
ꕥ PhsyBones
ꕥ Hueshift
ꕥ 5 Skin colors
ꕥ Health Particles when you Pat the head!
ꕥ Particle trails
ꕥ 2 hair options

Unity 2019

Poly: 316384

In game size: 32.66 mb

Not Quest compatible-

No uploads
This package requires you to Import VRCSDK3 - newest version & Poiyomi toon. Preferably version 7.3.050. ( Not included in package.)

- Full setup for PhysBones; Butt, Boobs, hair, colliders in; Hands, shoulders/ect.
-Includes One avatar contact, Health particles when you pat her head!
-Dissolve toggles for all items

Menu's include;
- Jacket, Bodysuit, Pants, chest bag, Leg straps, shoes, Side bags, pasties.
- Goggles, Robot arms, horns, mask, hairswap, earmuffs, particletrails.
- Hueshift, Skin tones (5 different tones)

TOS ---

Do NOT redistribute my packages in any way. If you are gifting the model to a friend,

put in their discord tag/ VRC name when you purchase pls!

ꕥWhen uploading make all my models PRIVATE! Not public.

ꕥ Do NOT claim as your own.

ꕥ You can NOT take/reuse ANY parts/assets/textures/etc. from my avatars. If you are looking for a certain asset on a model just ASK or read the credit list.

ꕥ No refunds on purchased models

ꕥ When purchasing a model and using it to promote/twitch/Instagram/ect - ALWAYS CREDIT THE CREATOR.


Trails by Dreadrith#3238
Eye texture and short hair by ZinPia
Face textures by miing#8888
Shoes by Deimos#6533
Robot arm by LaurenLore#1874
Head By kri#1214
Body by Pandaabear#9873
Skin textures and Icons by Uni#1369
Army vest by sophie#6965
Cyber bodysuit by Lolo#5454
Cyber headphones by CD#0423
Puffer jacket & mask by Lestery VRC
Pants by AppleVR
Horns by ThatGuyLance#0039
Pigtails by Sadge#3333
Heart particles by Gemini#4086
Pasties by Godfall
Backpack by cubedparadox
Goggles by Jess#5678

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    767 MB
  • Size767 MB


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Atlas || + Physbones

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